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minho - the ultimate noona killer

i remember this. this is one of the many reasons why i fell for this guy. this episode of star king was featured with this lady who suffered from this disease that weakened her bones, i think. she said that she loved Minho. she said their love was 'a love that couldn't be' due to her being 40 years older than him. she did have a husband and yes, she did love him. but she loved Minho as well. the thing that really got me was when the lady kissed his cheek. he returned the favour and kissed her back. this saddened me because of the lady but also opened my eyes to how beautiful Minho’s soul really was. Minho truly is an amazing person and i hope that his future partner is very grateful for being with him and i hope they have a good life and a happy family. <33

God bless you Minho.

Congratulation on your 100th Super Show, dear Super Junior.

Happy birthday to our favorite dancing machine and angel, ChenChen첸 을 사랑 해요! #HappyChenDay! #KiimJongday! [x]

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BIGBANG on W Korea Magazine (October 2014)

Source: 한국가수강대성@bestiz

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SS6  Frozen Madness

r we all jst glossing over donghae or.. bc like..

oh………. ok……… damn

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bbhae playing with paper on stage (x)

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? are you doing what i think you are doing?


? are you doing what i think you are doing?


Hae dancing Midnight Blues

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6/100 pictures of Taemin.

6/100 pictures of Taemin.

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[#100thSuperShow] #SuperJunior WORLD TOUR “SUPER SHOW 6” with DONGHAE

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